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I recently purchased a home in Powder Springs and immediately got off to a rocky start when we discovered that the roof was leaking into the attic and had been for a while. I was put in contact with Mindos through a friend who had used them on her roof and was very happy with their work. These guys work very efficiently, everything from the estimate unto the completion of our new roof went smooth. I will use them for future home improvement projects and highly recommend them.

S. Andrews
Powder Springs, GA

I get stressed when it comes to dealing with contractors, I hate their hard sell tactics, once we had a very well known company out of Chamblee, GA that does gutters come out and give us an estimate on replacing our old gutters and even as my wife was setting the table for dinner he was still pitching us, I had to practically throw him out of the house. We were in need of new flooring for our home and we found out about Mindos Construction and gave them a call, the next day one of the owners came out and my wife as with the previous company didn't need to be at home, although she was. We were shown samples of carpeting and tile and was left with a written estimate, the next day we called their office agreed to the cost which was more than fair and they installed carpet in all our bedrooms, and tile in the kitchen and 3 bathrooms. They did a great job and my wife is happy with me again!

Michael B
Marietta, GA

Mindos Construction replaced 15 single pane windows with double pane and three sliding glass doors, our front door and two rear doors. We live in a large home in Cobb County that is about 25 years old that still had all of the original doors and windows, most of the windows leaked and were moldy, the job that the Mindos crew did was fantastic and they left everything immaculate, timing of the project was exactly as promised and so was cost. I plan to use them again very soon when it comes time update my garage and the apartment above it.

Melissa J
Marietta, GA

I own a couple of rental properties in Powder Springs, anyone who owns rental property knows that you are always looking at your bottom line, recently both homes needed some work, one needed a roof, new gutters and the other one needed the floors replaced and I mean the actual floor had fallen through in the living room and one of the bedrooms. I started getting estimates and suddenly became so discouraged I was ready to call the city and have them condemn my houses. One of my coworkers told me about Mindos Construction and I called them, they came out the same day, gave me a written estimate and they were cheaper than all the rest and they didn't apply harsh tactics to get the job, I was impressed with them and agreed to start the work and have used them since on a few smaller projects.

David L
Powder Springs, GA

I bought a town home in Smyrna, at the time of purchase I thought I was getting a great deal, when I looked at the place it was late in the evening and the power was off, so I really didn't see the things that you would see in the light of day. I knew it would have to be painted, it was a foreclosure and whoever lived here before love the color purple, they painted everything purple and dark blue, which I couldn't live with. A closer look revealed that the carpeting and tile needed replacing and the siding on the rear of the building was falling off. I called several contractors, both large and small and got quotes and the quotes were so high that I didn't think that I would be able to get the work done! I finally called Mindos and was provided a written quote and their cost was fair enough I was able to have a privacy fence installed in my backyard, now my two schnauzers can use the doggy door to go in and out to the backyard.

Joaquin G
Smyrna, GA

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